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The Law Offices of Jay Silverberg is a boutique law firm focusing on (i) bankruptcy, insolvency and debt relief, (ii) advice and counsel for small and middle market businesses (often in the role of outside general counsel), (iii) commercial disputes, and (iv) business transactions. 

We provide a full array of affordable business law and bankruptcy law services to small and middle market businesses and entrepeneurs.

We have convenient locations in Midtown Manhattan and Hackensack, Westbury.  So if you are looking for a “bankruptcy attorney near me” or a “business lawyer near me”, our firm will certainly fit that search.

Whether you’re a business owner, individual or a joint debtor, we can help you understand your options.

We provide practical and focused legal services to clients in all types of insolvency matters.

We are ready to be your lawyer. We will strive to help you with your legal matter in the most efficient, practical and cost-effective way.

We can help you file for bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11, and Chapter 13). In some circumstances, we can help you with resolving financial disputes without filing. 

If your business is struggling, we can help you determine the most advantageous course of action.   For decades, Jay Silverberg has helped middle market and small businesses cope with insolvency and creditor issues.  We bring to the table an enormous array of business and legal experience and can help struggling businesses survive or reach the best possible outcome.   

We are happy to answer all of your bankruptcy questions, litigation questions or business law questions.

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Choosing the Right Attorney

When you’re searching for a bankruptcy attorney or business attorney,  it is important that you find someone who understands what you are going through. You need an attorney who will pay personal attention to your situation.  If your situation involves a business, you need someone with experience handling business cases.  You need someone smart, tough, and someone will give you a clear picture of your situation at every juncture so you can make decisions.

Financial hardships are among the most difficult issues a person can face. A troubled business has a personal impact on its owners and employees.  Studies indicate (like one done by Holmes and Rahe) show that financial stress ranks very highly on stress scales.  Having an attorney at your side who has navigated these waters for decades will ease that stress. 

Similarly, if you are involved in running a business, you need to have a legal advisor at your side to help you make informed decisions.   If you are engaged in a transaction involving your business, we can help you avoid pitfalls and get the deal you intended to get. 

We understand business. We understand your situation.  We provide legal advice, support, and guidance when you need it.


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Legal Fees

Ever go shopping in a place with no price tags at all?   Imagine a store where you choose your merchandise. . . the cashier rings it up for an outrageous price . . . and then you haggle to try and reduce the cost to something sensible.  This is the business model of most larger law firms.  

In 2015, Jay Silverberg decided to resign from his partnership at a large (175 lawyer) firm to escape this business model.   At that time his billing rate was $500 per hour and the management of the firm wanted it to increase.   Junior attorneys were billing at very high rates.  And his ability to adjust bills was limited.  For the first time in his career, Jay had significant billing disputes.  

Jay made a decision to escape that business model and started his own practice.  The Law Offices of Jay Silverberg prides itself on providing affordable representation to small and middle market businesses.   We provide clear and understandable bills at least monthly.   We never charge more than $250 per hour for attorneys.   That may sound like a lot, but it’s half of what Jay’s firm charged for his time five years ago and is around one third of what his billing rate would be now at a larger firm. 

We are not glued to hourly billing.  If the time to be expended on your matter can be reasonably estimated, we will be happy to discuss a flat fee.   We are open to hybrid or contingent fees in certain litigation matters.   We do not load the bill with unreasonable disbursements. 

In addition to a low billing rate, we collaborate with you to engage in a meaningful cost benefit analysis at every juncture in handling a matter.   We want to ensure that your legal budget is not squandered on unnecessary and costly endeavors.  

Unlike big firms, if you hire Jay to be your lawyer, he will be your lawyer.   We have “of counsel” lawyers that help on larger matters that are labor intensive, but you will deal only with the lawyer you actually hired and he will be integrally involved in every aspect of your matter.

We do not like to think of ourselves as cheap lawyers.   Even at our low billing rates, good legal services can be expensive.  But we absolutely strive to provide our clients with excellent value.  If you want an affordable business lawyer or an affordable bankruptcy lawyer, give us a call.   


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